A global business giant

One of the core pillar industries of Yuanda Group, it has quickly ranked among the top echelons of China's business and trade industry since its establishment, leading the direction of business and trade.

  • Yuanda Intelligent has formed a global strategic pattern of 92 sales branches and offices, 121 after-sales service stations, and 124 spare parts centers, covering more than 140 countries and regions.
  • The business platform covers more than 25 categories and over 200 products. Meet different types of needs of customers.
  • Yuanda Smart Commerce Platform is committed to integrating the industrial chains of home appliances, building materials, and furniture, promoting the integrated operation of building materials and home furnishing products, and providing global customers with safe, secure, and reliable professional services.



Both import and export trade

Yuanda Smart Trading Platform has more than ten years of experience in import and export trade. The import and export involve multiple categories, and the closed-loop service meets the different needs of customers. Guided by science and technology, it fully demonstrates the broad and profound connotation of modern industry, takes the advantage of first-class technology research and development, perfectly integrates with international production, and creates high-quality products. We have introduced a complete set of production technology and manufacturing equipment from Europe, Japan, and other countries, and adopted the global high standard - "EU standard".



Various products of home appliances, building materials, and sanitary ware go to the world

Build the world's top brands in the global household appliances, building materials, and furniture integration and customization industries, and become a leader in providing world-class integration services for products, services, and solutions in the above fields.