Yuanda Enterprise Group


Being a global enterprise with steady potential of development and sharp foresight into the industry, we have always been exploring and practicing a new industrial strategy under the guidance of “three independent principal”, devoting continuous effort for the construction of a low carbon, functioning, charming, and harmonious city.

  • Yuanda Group is a large international enterprise group engaged in construction, intelligent industry, science and technology industry, intelligent agriculture, commerce and other diversified businesses.
  • The Group owns two independent public listed companies: Yuanda China holdings Co., Ltd (02789 HK), Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual Industry Group Co., Ltd.(002689.SZ)
  • We always insisting on the strategy of “Independent Brand, Independent Intellectual Property, Independent Marketing Network”, and the strategy of the harmonies development of "domestic, international, accessories"
  • We always deem the enhancement of the independent innovation ability and the research and development ability as the core of competition.


SHENYANG YUANDA ENTERPRISES GROUP (as YUANDA GROUP or YUANDA) is a diversified high-tech non-public enterprises. Founded in 1993, YUANDA has gradually developed into a large enterprise group supported by seven major businesses: financial investment, international trade, construction industry, upmarket manufacturing, precise agriculture, technological environmental protection industry and technology industry.

In the field of financial investment, YUANDA focuses on developing global resource integration and mergers & acquisitions, cooperative joint venture, international leasing, technology investment, property management, international credit and international securities; In the field of international trade, YUANDA focuses on developing merchandise trade, transfer of the advanced technology, sales agency, international engineering and large complete set of equipment exportation; In the field of construction industry, YUANDA focuses on developing construction cladding, elevators & escalators manufacturing, planning and architecture design, building decorations, international property, industrial housing and industrial wall boards; In the high-end equipment manufacturing field, YUANDA focuses on developing intelligent transmission system and wind-power generator; the agriculture field, focus on developing intelligent and precision agriculture, agriculture machinery; In the field of technological environmental protection, YUANDA dedicates itself to the control of atmosphere pollution, solid waste utilization, waste water pollution treatment, seawater and bitter water desalination, etc.; In the field of science and technology Industry, robot grinding, welding and ultrasonic application technology has to be seen as the core of our science and technology innovation. It reduces vibration and noise, friction, lubrication and heat treatment as the core of the basic application theory. Meanwhile, we are also focusing on industrial processing technology.

YUANDA has succeeded in establishing two listed companies, YUANDA China Holdings Co., LTD. (02789 HK) which ranks on the top of the global curtain wall field; Shenyang Brilliant Elevator Co., Ltd, (002689 SZ) was crowned with the title of First National brand in China.

With the business philosophy"Science and technology leads the market, service creates value" and. "Independent brand name, Independent intellectual property rights, and Independent marketing network", the "three-independent" as the developing strategy, YUANDA has been gradually growing into a world-class upscale resources allocation expert.

As a trusted and respectful international service providers and manufacturers, YUANDA was also selected to be the "Top 250 ENR World's Largest Contractors", "Top 250 ENR World's Largest International Contractors", " Top 150 ENR World's Best Design Company", "Top 225 ENR world's Largest International Design Company", "China top 500 enterprises", "China Top 100 Multinational Companies" and other authoritative list; moreover, YUANDA has been awarded with "First Prize China National Science and Technology Progress Award " and other supreme honors national and world wide.

Nowadays, facing the era of massive data flow, full of rapid changes and various information, YUANDA maintained its market by setting up over 30 domestic marketing centers in all major cities. We also established sales and services network in more than 140 countries and regions in the world, which achieved the integration of global business and service network. YUANDA Enterprises Group always abides by the contract and willing to work with its global partners to build a larger global family. YUANDA looks forward to a more extensive cooperation in order to achieve the mutual benefits which are a sure win for all.