The world's leading drip irrigation pipe product

Shenyang Yuanda Metzerplas Irrigation Industries Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Israel JV company, established in 2015, cooperating Shenyang Yuanda Intelligent Agriculture Co., Ltd. which is affiliated to Shenyang Yuanda Group and Metzerplas Cooperative Agricultural Organization Ltd (Metzerplas). The company is a specialized company with a combination of R & D, production and sales.

Yuanda Metzer offers an unparalleled range of drip emitters ranging from regular to pressure-compensated, cylindrical to flat and one-year use models to fixed drippers designed to perform perfectly for 15 years and more.

When it comes to quality – we make no compromises. We specialize in high-end pressure-compensated drip emitters designed to deliver high performance over long periods of time under the most challenging conditions such as water with solid particles or high biological content.